Decision Made – Moving to Sweden

Long time no see. So the decision is made… I AM GOING TO SWEDEN. This move will give me the opportunity to travel the world. I personally think life is too short to be stuck in a cube 9-6, rarely ever taking vacations because I don’t have enough PTO days. What has American culture come to?

Although I have this love for traveling, I also truly care about my job – I am in HR, specifically Recruiting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job! The one thing that kept me from immediately diving into this move was the chance that I might not get a job in Sweden – I don’t speak Swedish, I wasn’t sure what the Visa situation would be, and I have read too many scary stories about expats not easily finding jobs in Sweden (for whatever reasons). STAYING POSITIVE! I will be on a Sambo Visa which will allow me to go to school or work if I want to.

Besides my adventures, I am excited to post about my life in Sweden (food, people, jobs, culture, etc.)

stockholm sweden travel

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I love food. I love good people. And I love traveling.

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