Yosemite and Learning Swedish

by dfordani

So with moving to Sweden comes learning Swedish. Learning Swedish shouldn’t be and hasn’t been too hard since I spoke it fluently before – I lived in Sweden till I was 11 years old. I get this nostalgic feeling each time I go through my lessons so it’s been fun and quite exciting.

I am using a couple of different resources to learn Swedish – Rosetta Stone, learningswedish.se, and Duolingo (great iPhone App). As I am going through these courses, I find it quite interesting how each course start you off with some semi useful terms – hej (hi), tack (thanks), nej (no), etc. But as I am diving deeper into the courses, I can’t help but feel how useless some of these other words are. I now can say, ‘ja har en hund’ (I have a dog), ‘ja tycker inte om katten’ (I do not like the cat). I feel pretty proud knowing I can formulate some Swedish sentences without too much stuttering, but how in the HELL are these sentences useful? I understand a lot of the Swedes speak English (thank you baby Jesus!), but let’s say I was stranded in a town where they do not speak English. How will ‘ja har en hund’ help me when I am starving to death?!?!?

Besides learning Swedish, I am also visiting as many new places as I can before moving to Stockholm. I recently just got back from Yosemite and it was absolutely beautiful. My next stop is either Big Sur or Farallon Island.