Yosemite and Learning Swedish

So with moving to Sweden comes learning Swedish. Learning Swedish shouldn’t be and hasn’t been too hard since I spoke it fluently before – I lived in Sweden till I was 11 years old. I get this nostalgic feeling each time I go through my lessons so it’s been fun and quite exciting.

I am using a couple of different resources to learn Swedish – Rosetta Stone, learningswedish.se, and Duolingo (great iPhone App). As I am going through these courses, I find it quite interesting how each course start you off with some semi useful terms – hej (hi), tack (thanks), nej (no), etc. But as I am diving deeper into the courses, I can’t help but feel how useless some of these other words are. I now can say, ‘ja har en hund’ (I have a dog), ‘ja tycker inte om katten’ (I do not like the cat). I feel pretty proud knowing I can formulate some Swedish sentences without too much stuttering, but how in the HELL are these sentences useful? I understand a lot of the Swedes speak English (thank you baby Jesus!), but let’s say I was stranded in a town where they do not speak English. How will ‘ja har en hund’ help me when I am starving to death?!?!?

Besides learning Swedish, I am also visiting as many new places as I can before moving to Stockholm. I recently just got back from Yosemite and it was absolutely beautiful. My next stop is either Big Sur or Farallon Island.


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I love food. I love good people. And I love traveling.

One thought on “Yosemite and Learning Swedish

  1. It is interesting to read about how people try to learn a new language especially when then try to learn your own language. Best of luck with the Swedish and especially with the move to Sweden. I’m sure that the language learning will become even easier when you will hear it spoken around you all the time and get an understanding of how the culture and language are intertwined. 🙂

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