Found a Job in Stockholm! 

I moved to Stockholm permanently on October 15th. I had about 6 final interviews the week of the 17th and got 3 offers by the end of the week. When you lay it out that way, it sounds easy. But it honestly wasn’t – I lost 15 pounds by the end of it. 

I started applying for jobs 2 months before moving over – I reached out to approximately 200 companies. I applied to jobs on LinkedIn and CareerBuilder, I used my network and had folks introduce me to Swedish Managers, and I even blindly reached out to CEOs to see if their company needed help. 

The last two weeks before moving to Stockholm was absolute HELL. I had a very busy, full time job, I was couch surfing, and I was doing interviews at crazy hours because of the time difference. Needless to say, I was exhausted! 

I did what I did because I was told how competitive and ruthless the Swedish market is. I was even told to be comfortable with the idea of being unemployed for 8-10 months. I was driven by fear of not finding work! 

I am not saying you’ll get a job the week you land, but you will find a job. Sweden has the top 10 largest IT start up communities in the world. Plus, it’s a very progressive country that understands the importance of globalization, so everyone here values good talent and diversity. And as a huge bonus, everyone speaks English so Swedish isn’t mandatory. 

My biggest advice is to stay focused and positive – mindset is everything. If you have questions, need advice or help, please let me know! 

Treated myself to a trip to Paris! Next post will have more pics. 

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