Adjusting to Sweden 

Sweden is beautiful and I’m liking things so far. But I have to admit it’s all very hard – starting a new job, making new friends, figuring out the simplest things like sending out mail, being away from my mom, etc. The foreignness/ newness makes it hard to feel at home. My guy and I have done an okay job meeting new people and trying out new things every weekend to keep ourselves occupied. We plan on joining an Expat Pub Crawl group to meet more people and we have a few awesome trips coming up. 

Going through this move has made me appreciate my mom a lot more. Moving to Sweden was tough, but at least I can somehow figure things out since most Swedes speak English. My mom came to the US with no education and no English skills. She worked three jobs and eventually started her own business. I can’t even imagine the strength and the grit it took…

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I love food. I love good people. And I love traveling.

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