Why I’m Learning Swedish

Learning Swedish has been tough work and slightly expensive. I spend 2 hours, twice a week, right after work to learn the language – it’s EXHAUSTING. And those classes cost me close to 3000sek every 5 weeks. 

A lot of my colleagues find it cool that I’m making the effort. However, there are a few folks (Swedes and non-Swedes) who question WHY I even invest so much time and money when most Swedes can speak English. 

My network consists of other expats and I know for some, learning Swedish has been their way of acclimating. For others, they just like the idea of learning a new language. For me, it’s a bit of the two previously stated reasons, but it has to do more with respect – I’m in Sweden, I should try to speak Swedish. It’s a bit odd but I do feel slightly guilty when my colleagues are trying to carry out conversations in English to make sure I feel included. 

So yeah, I learn Swedish out of respect. 

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I love food. I love good people. And I love traveling.

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