Venice, Italy

We spent our Easter weekend in Venice. It’s an absolutely beautiful city with lots of history. I also got engaged here so I love it even more! 

Our Engagement story:

We went to San Giorgio Maggiore and wanted to go to the top of the tower to see the city. It costs 6 Euros per person and they don’t take cards – we didn’t have any cash on us either. So we went to a nearby cafe and asked a random stranger to buy his lunch with our card for some cash. He just handed us the money without asking for anything in return. We went to the top and it was breathtaking and just so peaceful. My boyfriend didn’t plan on proposing to me up there but I guess he felt the timing was right so he proposed! 

I bumped into that kind stranger again when we were on our way down. I was so excited I shoved my hand to his face and was yelling at him to check out my ring. He was confused and slightly frightened, and rightfully so. I told him we got engaged, and then I hugged him and thanked him. 

Lesson learned:
Always have some cash when traveling. 

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I love food. I love good people. And I love traveling.

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