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More of Stockholm

I visited Stockholm for a week to search for apartments. I was told by people how difficult the process of finding a place would be. So weeks before this recent trip, I was pretty nervous. Surprisingly, we had plenty of options to pick from. Keep in mind, we have an awesome relocation team help us with all of this. I am sure it would be really different if I had to do this on my own.

It was a great trip. Stockholm is such a beauty and I’m really excited about my new home.

Jobs in Sweden

I am a Recruiter in San Francisco and I love what I do. I plan on finding similar work in Stockholm when I move. I am moving in November if not a bit earlier. From now till the time I leave, I plan on networking, applying to different jobs, and doing whatever I can to find work. But as I am sure anyone who have looked for work will understand, finding work/ interviewing is a job of its own. Luckily for me, as a recruiter it’s not as daunting; it’s actually quite exciting. But regardless of how you view this process, it posses a level of difficulty especially when 1) you don’t know the market well, 2) you don’t have a network that you can use, and 3) you don’t know the language. 

I refuse to go into this process of finding work with a negative mindset. It can be a fun experience if you allow it to be. I want to make sure I find the right role and work culture, and I don’t want fear to make me compromise for anything less. For those who are going through the same thing, stay positive. 

I will keep you posted on my endeavor and any advice you have, please do not hesitate to reach out! And of course, if you have questions please comment or message me. 

What The Pho?!?!

I am part Vietnamese and have had the luxury of eating authentic, home made dishes growing up. So I spent the weekend making Pho, it’s a popular Vietnamese noodle soup. It came out good.

Some fun Pho Puns. Enjoy:

Simply Pho You




Pho Shoo

No Pho King Way

Pho King All Night

So Pho, So Good

To Friends and to More Travels! 

We just had a birthday/going away party (my boyfriend and I are moving to Sweden) at Sbragia Winery this weekend. It was close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit- we were sweating our balls off. But it was so nice to have everyone come together and celebrate this new chapter with us over a beautiful view and delicious wine! I thought I was going to be a bit heartbroken seeing everyone but I am more excited. I have always moved around a lot and have thankfully always met amazing, down to earth people. These friends that I am leaving behind will always be my friends and they will always have a place to stay when they visit. The great thing about moving and traveling is that you have the opportunity to create something special at that place – friends, memories, another place you can call Home. There’s so much beauty in this world – in people, in places, in food, etc. – take the opportunity while you still can and embrace it.


So my visa is on the third and final phase. It’s supposed to take 6-8 weeks and it’s also the most important step. During this time, my boyfriend and I have been getting rid of things we no longer need or want. We have also been spending some time trying to figure out which appliances might not work in Sweden – not a fun process. But to balance out the boring and tiring process of cleaning out our apartment, we’ve been having as much fun as possible.

So we skydived this weekend! It was just crazy! The people attached to you do not countdown when they drop out of the plane – they just go. They do that so people don’t change their mind last millisecond. But the view was absolutely beautiful and it’s so crisp up there. The craziest part about the whole thing was that on that same day, a person and their instructor died because the parachute wouldn’t release. Glad I made it…


Besides traveling and shopping, I love food. This past weekend I went to PokeCon which is an event celebrating Hawaiian Food with amazing music. Anyways, it was such a fun event, especially coupled with beautiful weather. The food was really fresh and delicious!


I recently took a trip to Bali – stayed in Ubud and had a driver take us everywhere! Speaking of the driver, I think it was the best way of getting around Bali – their infrastructure is not well developed so it’s safer for the locals and for you to just hire one. I only paid $50 a day and my driver was super knowledgeable of all the touristy and non touristy spots, and he was flexible with driving me anywhere I wanted. Anyways, I chose Bali because I heard it’s beautiful, people are nice, and it’s just a very relaxing place. Everything people said about it is true. There’s a lot of natural beauty and just being there makes you forget about all the crappy things happening in this world. I think a lot of it had to do with the amazing, care-free culture and the nice, super courteous people. I never really worried about my bag being snatched, I felt really safe, and I felt really free. It’s one of those countries where the outside world has yet to leave its mark, so things still operate in a very communal, traditional, and trusting way. And because of that, it really reflects in their day to day lifestyle – simple, laid back.

Besides hitting the beach (Angel Beach, Virgin Beach, and a few others), I also water rafted, explored the Monkey Forest (the only place where I was afraid of having my belongings robbed – the monkeys are cute but really mischievous, so I recommend leaving your things in the car), visited several temples (they eventually all look pretty similar), and so much more! The activities and adventures were a blast, but the food was also quite good. I ate A LOT – I made sure I had my breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 3-4 sides of dessert! Their food portions are smaller than American portions, so you walk away feeling content and not in pain. Bali doesn’t have many options, but rather variations of the few dishes they have. Also, if you are located in touristy areas, the food tends to be more westernized. I prefer authentic food since I travel to experience different culture, so I always made sure to find a place that’s away from the tourist center – it’s also a great way to pay a lot less for what you’re buying and this goes with souvenirs too! But wherever you are, make sure to negotiate.

Bali was truly lovely but I have to be honest – it was really humid some days and certain places were really dirty. And I come from the city, so I see and am comfortable with the idea of dirty to an extent; beautiful places in Bali were littered with trash. I was surprised the country hasn’t invested in better ways to address this problem considering they make part of their money from tourism. Either way, I would go back to Bali in a heartbeat. I did a lot in Bali so this blog post probably didn’t do much justice. So feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

And the pictures…

Yosemite and Learning Swedish

So with moving to Sweden comes learning Swedish. Learning Swedish shouldn’t be and hasn’t been too hard since I spoke it fluently before – I lived in Sweden till I was 11 years old. I get this nostalgic feeling each time I go through my lessons so it’s been fun and quite exciting.

I am using a couple of different resources to learn Swedish – Rosetta Stone, learningswedish.se, and Duolingo (great iPhone App). As I am going through these courses, I find it quite interesting how each course start you off with some semi useful terms – hej (hi), tack (thanks), nej (no), etc. But as I am diving deeper into the courses, I can’t help but feel how useless some of these other words are. I now can say, ‘ja har en hund’ (I have a dog), ‘ja tycker inte om katten’ (I do not like the cat). I feel pretty proud knowing I can formulate some Swedish sentences without too much stuttering, but how in the HELL are these sentences useful? I understand a lot of the Swedes speak English (thank you baby Jesus!), but let’s say I was stranded in a town where they do not speak English. How will ‘ja har en hund’ help me when I am starving to death?!?!?

Besides learning Swedish, I am also visiting as many new places as I can before moving to Stockholm. I recently just got back from Yosemite and it was absolutely beautiful. My next stop is either Big Sur or Farallon Island.


Decision Made – Moving to Sweden

Long time no see. So the decision is made… I AM GOING TO SWEDEN. This move will give me the opportunity to travel the world. I personally think life is too short to be stuck in a cube 9-6, rarely ever taking vacations because I don’t have enough PTO days. What has American culture come to?

Although I have this love for traveling, I also truly care about my job – I am in HR, specifically Recruiting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job! The one thing that kept me from immediately diving into this move was the chance that I might not get a job in Sweden – I don’t speak Swedish, I wasn’t sure what the Visa situation would be, and I have read too many scary stories about expats not easily finding jobs in Sweden (for whatever reasons). STAYING POSITIVE! I will be on a Sambo Visa which will allow me to go to school or work if I want to.

Besides my adventures, I am excited to post about my life in Sweden (food, people, jobs, culture, etc.)

stockholm sweden travel

Should I Move (to SWEDEN) with Him

So my boyfriend of 4 years got a few new job offers. Being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I was very excited and proud of him. However, the interesting thing about these offers is that one would allow us to continue living in beautiful San Francisco. The other opportunity would move him to Stockholm, Sweden. The role in Sweden is a better opportunity all around – career wise. The question now is, should I go with him? The happy go lucky side of me says, “HELL YES!” The super analytical side of me (maybe slightly scared) says “HELL NO! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S OVER THERE.”

I need some time to think. To be continued…