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Palma, Spain

Recently took a mini trip to Palma; it’s very beautiful and the food is delicious! We had the chance to eat at some of the best restaurants and I thought the prices were fairly reasonable. 

We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb and hired a personal chef. 

Spain is like a warmer Sweden. There are a lot of Swedes here…

What The Pho?!?!

I am part Vietnamese and have had the luxury of eating authentic, home made dishes growing up. So I spent the weekend making Pho, it’s a popular Vietnamese noodle soup. It came out good.

Some fun Pho Puns. Enjoy:

Simply Pho You




Pho Shoo

No Pho King Way

Pho King All Night

So Pho, So Good

To Friends and to More Travels! 

We just had a birthday/going away party (my boyfriend and I are moving to Sweden) at Sbragia Winery this weekend. It was close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit- we were sweating our balls off. But it was so nice to have everyone come together and celebrate this new chapter with us over a beautiful view and delicious wine! I thought I was going to be a bit heartbroken seeing everyone but I am more excited. I have always moved around a lot and have thankfully always met amazing, down to earth people. These friends that I am leaving behind will always be my friends and they will always have a place to stay when they visit. The great thing about moving and traveling is that you have the opportunity to create something special at that place – friends, memories, another place you can call Home. There’s so much beauty in this world – in people, in places, in food, etc. – take the opportunity while you still can and embrace it.


Besides traveling and shopping, I love food. This past weekend I went to PokeCon which is an event celebrating Hawaiian Food with amazing music. Anyways, it was such a fun event, especially coupled with beautiful weather. The food was really fresh and delicious!